Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Final Balloon Car (Jacob)

Kay so like everybody else, i made last changes. Well not really, I made a completely whole new car since the other cars we made failed. This car took me 4 hours and a little help from my parents. The materials I used were: Balsa wood (light and thin wood), plastic wheels, tape, balloon, and straws. This car turned out to be the best out of all 4 we've made but there is only one problem. It can cover the distance required but the car cannot run straight. There is no picture available because Francis has the camera. lol!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Model 2

Model number two actually turned out to be more of a success then model one. The axis on the wheels were fairly balanced which allowed a smooth and straight motion. We used a plastic water bottle, plastic wheels, chop sticks, balloon, plastic tube, and tape. With 5 trial runs, the balloon car managed to travel an average distance of 4-6 metres.

Model 1

For our first model we used plastic wheels, cardboard box, tape, and a balloon. We've tried numerous times trying to adjust the axis of the wheels so it would go straight but it just didnt work. So Model number one turned out to be a failure..